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Hello, friend. How’s Lucknow treating you? Known for its sea breeze and for its temples, Lucknow town can be a good place to live if you want a quiet life. But perhaps in this capital town of Uttar Pradesh, you’re not getting the sensual pleasures so necessary to living a balanced life!

We understand the frustrations that one can experience in a big town. With the premium escort service we provide, there’s no need to feel lonely, isolated and frustrated anymore!

We bring you top-notch escorts to provide you with top-notch quality. With Chhavi, you’ll forget you’re living in an isolated small town, as you’ll get to experience the sensual fulfilment that people all over the world desire.

We give you variety

You don’t even have to worry about being stuck with someone local. We provide escorts from all over the country- Bengali, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Tamilian, Manipuri–you tell us your choice, and we have them! But perhaps you wish to avail of someone local–a sweet, small-town Delhii girl to take care of you. Well, we’re sure we have that too! Not interested in Indian girls at all? Perhaps the videos you watch online have made you long for a fair-skinned blonde foreign girl. We have just the thing for you–our Russian girls are happy to oblige!

Short, tall, thin, chubby–our girls come in all shapes and sizes! Fair-skinned or dark? You’re free to choose! Young or mature–pick your berry! From very experienced to very fresh–we give you what you ask for!

Choose your experience

From the one-time service to the Girlfriend Experience, and everything in between, we provide you a range of experiences to choose from. You can have one time of fun and forget about it the next day. And if you want to go beyond that and experience an emotional connection, we’ll be happy to oblige. With our Girlfriend Experience, our escort will treat you like a boyfriend and during the time that you’re with her, you’ll forget that you hadn’t known her before the meeting. She knows how to treat you right, and you will feel loved every minute that you spend with her. We’ve got well-educated girls with us who you might even want to take out for dates or for parties. They are not only trained in the sensual arts, but know how to socialise and even strike an intelligent conversation and are aware and knowledgeable about the world about them.

Age no bar!

Are you a retired man looking to bring back the excitement in his life? Or are you a young guy who’s completely inexperienced when it comes to the life of desire? However old or however young you are, as long as you are an adult, you can avail of our services, without worrying about your age. Our escort won’t discriminate based upon age, and if you pay the right price, she will make you feel happy like a child again! And on the other hand, our escorts come in different ages as well, with every one of them being above legal age. So if you want a young college girl, you’re in for a wonderful experience, and if you want a mature, experienced woman, we have her too!

You won’t be judged

At Our Agency, we understand that every man is different and has different needs. You can share your desires, fantasies and likes and dislikes with us and we’ll make sure that you get what you’ve asked for. You can be absolutely frank with us on the phone and let us know your preferences, as we understand that desires can be complex and can come in many different flavours. Our girls are not judgmental at all and never make fun of the client’s wishes and tastes. However you like it, they will be happy to comply and shall serve you accordingly. Our escorts are well-versed with the sensual arts, and from handjobs to oral, from 69 to doggy, from vanilla to bondage, they’re skilled in all and are ready to give you the time of your life as per your likings!

Professional Escorts

Our escorts are punctual when it comes to their meetings and are thorough professionals when it comes to service. We at Chhavi have built a solid reputation in the escort business and if we ever provide you with poor service, or do not provide service on time, then it is years of hard work that we’re bound to lose. So you can be assured that your meetings will be arranged on time and in a professional manner.

Privacy and confidentiality guaranteed

It is a general concern in our conservative society, and more so in a small town like Lucknow, that availing an escort service might raise eyebrows among peers, family and neighbours.

We at Lucknow guarantee confidentiality and discretion when you’re availing our service. Our meetings will be set up on the phone, and whenever you meet any of us in person, we will make sure that it will be done in private and that people don’t get to know what you’re dealing with. We understand that it is important to keep our private lives private in a judgmental society like ours, and we cannot risk your reputation in society, otherwise it is our reputation among clients that we risk to lose!

We will set up your meetings wherever you find comfortable. If you think your neighbours aren’t the interfering kind, then we can have our escort come over to your place. If not, you can go over to her place as well. If both options are unsuitable, then we can arrange your meeting in a discrete location, where we make sure nobody bothers about your personal business.

So get off the internet, and just call!

What are you waiting for? We’ve been where you are–we’ve also spent several hours online looking at pictures and videos to satisfy our fantasies. But why waste more time in the virtual world when we can provide you the real deal in real life in real time?!

So go ahead–call us on the number given below and let us know exactly what you need! And in case you’re unsure about your choices, then we are there to guide you into your encounter. Don’t be shy, the world today belongs to the go-getter, to people who are not afraid to go after what they want!

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