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Get all flavours in your Mumbai town with Escorts

Don’t like Mumbai food? At Sexy Mumbai, we provide you different cuisines, with food from all over the country ;-) We provide you with beautiful girls from all over the country, be it from North, South or North-east. From a Punjabi ‘kudi’ to a Bengali boudi, we have them all.

No need to feel lonely

We understand that life can get lonely at times. Sometimes you need the company of a vip Mumbai escort to get over your loneliness. Sexy Mumbai’s girls understand that modern life comes with its baggage of loneliness, and are experts at making you forget your worries. You’ve worked hard to earn your money, now don’t be afraid to splurge it on the company of a sensual escort who will give you the time of your life.

Thorough professionals

We at Sexy Mumbai have worked hard to build a considerable reputation among our clients. We have done this by providing top-notch services, with our girls being on time, and providing services which do justice to the rate asked.

We guarantee you complete privacy, and make sure your colleagues, neighbours or family don’t get to find out about your dealings with us. Depending on your need, our girls can come to your place or you can go to theirs, or you both could even book a room in a trusted hotel, without worrying about intrusion in your privacy or about people interfering in your personal life. You pay us, we give you the girl, you enjoy, and you go about the rest of your life the way you were living.

Choose your experience!

Tall, short, thin, chubby. Cute, hot, naughty, nice. Young, mature. We’ve got them all for waiting for you. We’ve got a variety of escorts for you to choose from. Your wish, our command!

And just because you’re in a Mumbai town doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself with a Mumbai escort girl. We’ve got beautiful girls from all over the country. And if you want to try a foreign girl, then we’ve got the finest, most beautiful Russians waiting for you!

And what about the experience you’ll be given? Whether you want a one-time only, or a long Girlfriend Experience, we’ve got you set! With the Girlfriend Experience, you get a girl who doesn’t just satisfy your sensual needs, but is also ready to accompany you wherever you want. You can bring her to parties if you want. Our girls are well-educated and can strike up an intelligent conversation. We can offer you the company of beautiful college girls who will make you feel loved and appreciated. They’ll make you feel you’ve known them forever, and shall make you forget you were ever lonely!

Get off your computer!

We know that in a conservative small town like Vivek Vihar, people often tend to rely on websites online rather than engage in real life action. We don’t blame you-but you’re mistaken to think there’s no way out. Now with our premium escort service, you no longer need to escape to online websites to fulfil your needs. Let this site that you’ve entered be the one that leads you to action in real life! Whatever fantasies you’ve seen online, our girls are skilled at each and every one of those services. Why waste your time on websites when you can get everything offered to you in real life?

Our escorts are highly skilled in a range of services. Would you like to dominate your girl? Would you like her to dominate? You can have he any way you like. Start with a blowjob? Finish with cum-shot? You can tell your preferences to us, and we’ll make sure our escort will serve you accordingly. Whatever you’ve watched online, our girls can do better! What are your requirements? Just let us know. 69? Fetish? Roleplay? Bondage? Doggy? Or just the plain old missionary? Tell frankly how you’ll like it, and we’ll have our escort serve you accordingly!

First-timers need not worry

Or perhaps you’re a first-timer, clueless about what you want? Maybe you’re unable to find someone to satisfy your needs. Perhaps you don’t know how to start?

There’s no need to hesitate. Our high profile Mumbai escorts have satisfied many first-timers, and have given the time of their life! Our girl will guide you for the best first-time experience you can have. She will be loving and gentle, and will ease you into the experience. When you’re with our escort, you will feel loved and cared for, instead of just engaging in a business transaction.

What if people find out?

There’s always a fear in people’s minds about their neighbours, or even their own friends and family, interfering in their private life. This fear is heightened when you’re living in a small town like Vivek Vihar, where almost everyone knows each other, and where news and rumours spread like wildfire. We understand your fears and concerns, and promise you that at Sexy Mumbai, we have got it all sorted out. We will make sure that our transaction stays between us and that nobody finds out about it. You just have to call us on the number given below, and we will arrange your meeting with our escort in such a way that people don’t find out. Depending on your need, we can arrange Incall, Outcall, or even set your meeting in a discreet location where nobody bothers about what you two are doing in private. Don’t worry–your secret is safe with us!

Why wait?

We know you have a go-getter attitude, otherwise you wouldn’t have come to our site. You know what you need, and have come to the right place! Gone are the days when you had to suffer in loneliness. In the consumerist culture we live in today, if you have the money, you can get the service you’re looking for! So go ahead- call us on the number given below, and we promise to deliver ;-)

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